Football Academics


Our philosophy here at FSCC is simple and focused in nature.

It is 1+2=3, GRADUATE + CHAMPIONSHIP= SCHOLARSHIP. Our main objective is to make sure our players graduate first and foremost. We have a couple of programs in place that make graduation a reality to our players. These programs will be outlined below:

Good Morning Meetings:

Every morning that FSCC has class, our student athletes meet in the cafeteria, as a team, at 7:00 am for breakfast check. It gives our athletes a chance to get up and eat a healthy breakfast. At 7:15am, Head Coach Curtis Horton will deliver announcements about school, practice, weights, etc. When Coach Horton is done, one of the assistant coaches will present a quote, joke, and a current event. The reason why we give a quote, joke, and current event is because some of our athletes need a motivational quote to get them ready for the day, some just need to laugh at a joke, and the current event keeps the players up to date with current news.



The MILL is FSCC's Maximized Individualized Learning Lab. It is an advanced tutoring center that is staffed by three full-time professors. The MILL provides tutoring free of charge to our student athletes. It also provides the following:

Developmental Courses are available for students who need added support for reading, writing, grammar, English fundamentals, and vocabulary and/or math skills classes to help them through college.

Specialized Learning Software Programs are used by some faculty members as class supplements. These programs can also be accessed by students who need or want extra practice or review in a certain area.

Test Accommodations are available for special needs students. We are here to help if you need a test read to you or to retake a test.

Quality Technology is available to all students through the use of computers. Whether it's typing term papers, checking e-mail, or surfing the net, students are always welcome to use our computers for personal or educational use.

Assessment Testing is available for any prospective student. This FSCC placement test is similar to the ACT and aids in placing students in the correct course for their skill level.

Knowledgeable Support Staff work in the MILL. We pride ourselves on our ability to help people. If we don't have the answer, we will find someone who does!


Academic Strike Plan:

Our football program firmly believes every player can graduate, and our plan to accomplish this task is by using the MILL. Each week FSCC has class, every student-athlete that is associated with football is required to get hours in the MILL. A computer at the MILL will be on station for the student athlete to login when he enters the MILL, when he is done, he will log out with the same computer. The number of hours that the student-athlete is required to attain is based off of their G.P.A.

Overall G.P.A.

MILL Hours





2.49 or below



The way that we make it all stick is by using the Academic Strike Plan. If a student athlete is missing class, not getting enough MILL hours, or missing an academic appointment with a teacher or tutor, then the athlete is subjected to a “Dirty 300”. A dirty 300 is a hundred yard sprint, hundred yard back pedal, and a hundred yard bear crawl. For the first strike, the student athlete will do a dirty 300. If the gains a second strike, the athlete and his position group will all have to do a dirty 300, it’s called peer pressure. If for some reason the same individual gets a third strike, it will be the athlete and his side of the ball, so for example, if it was a linebacker, then the whole defense will go out and do a dirty 300, that’s called a lot of peer pressure. This program isn’t designed to punish athletes but to motivate them to graduate!  

In closing, Graduation is the primary objective of student athletes within the Greyhound Football program. The entire FSCC coaching staff recognizes this fact and works on a daily basis to give student athletes the tools and structure they need to succeed in college, as well as life.