FSCC Athletic Hall of Fame Guidelines


To recognize outstanding athletic alumni who have successfully participated at and represented Fort Scott Community College.

Criteria for Membership in the FSCC Athletic Hall of Fame:

1.  Has received post-season athletic honors while attending FSCC.

2.  Has successfully coached at FSCC.

3.  Has successfully coached, receiving honors, at a program other than FSCC.

4.  Is a contributor/supporter to the FSCC Athletic program

In addition to 1, 2, 3, 4 above, candidate must meet all of the following:

5.  Is a solid citizen of their community.

6.  Has successfully completed either a two-year or four-year degree.

7. Is not eligible for nomination until four years after competing or coaching at FSCC.


The Committee has the discretion of adding requirements to the general criteria for Hall of Fame Membership.


The respective athletic teams/rodeo and alumni may nominate former participants for the Athletic Hall of Fame.  Nominations will go before the Athletic Hall of Fame Committee for selection.  Former coaches or players who have been very successful and were positive representatives during their tenure are eligible for membership.  Contributors and/or supporters that have made a significant impact on FSCC athletics may be considered.


The Athletic Hall of Fame Committee will be decided upon each year by the Athletic Director.


Tom Havron

Athletic Director