Hounds Diaries

This page is dedicated to our former players and their reflection of our program.


“Playing basketball at Fort Scott was much more than just sports for me. From the beginning my time at FSCC as a student and band member, to receiving a phone call from Coach Cook in December asking me to join the team my journey was from anything but the norm. Joining the basketball team gave me the opportunity to better myself as a man, teammate, friend, and athlete every day! I will forever cherish my time as a Greyhound and the opportunity it presented me. I was honored to be named homecoming king and outstanding sophomore of my graduating class, which I believe never would’ve been possible without my coaches and teammates support. Y’all are missed and so greatly appreciated!” -Pierce Rienbolt (2013 Graduate- Exemplary Academic Achievement Award-KJCCC Academic All ConferenceOutstanding Sophomore- Homecoming King)

“Fort Scott was a great choice for me. Starting my freshman year of college 12 hours from home was challenging but it turned me into a man VERY quick! I didn’t have my mom out there with me so I couldn’t run to her for everything so I had to just figure things out. Going to Fort Scott made me mentally tough as well. Sometimes things aren’t going to go the way you want them to go. I worked out all summer, I came back in shape, I went to class on time, I kept my grades up, I did all the workouts, I gave 100% every practice, I put in extra work outside of practices, and it still wasn’t good enough. I played 8 out of 32 games my freshman year. Tell me what most people would have done in that situation... (I say I’m mentally tougher but I thing a better description would be “a little crazy”. I don’t know which one. Think about it. I came to school 12 HOURS away from home, got yelled at every single day, and only played in 8 out of 32 games that year!)(Coach Cook might be a little crazy for believing in me and bringing me back though) Anyway I signed to come back to Fort Scott for another year. I knew what to expect this time. Over the summer I had to increase the intensity of my workouts if I was planning on getting better and proving to myself and everybody that I’m a good player. During my sophomore year the same things that bothered me as a freshman didn’t bother me anymore. Getting yelled at by Coach Cook during practices and games didn’t bother me. Conditioning at the beginning of the year didn’t bother me. Doing floor sweeps for different punishments didn’t bother me. I am very thankful that Coach Cook saw me putting in the extra work and gave me more chances to come back and have the successful year we had. My sophomore year we won conference and I got a full scholarship to East Central University, a NCAA D2 school. Now I’m about to graduate from ECU and Just signed a contract with an agent to further my basketball career as a professional. Looking back on everything I’ve been through at Fort Scott, most people would go back and change their decision and go somewhere else. But I knew it was the right decision because it made me smarter, more mentally tough, a better player, developed lifelong relationships, and most importantly became closer with God and strengthened my faith. Safe to say if you can make it through 2 years at Fort Scott. You can make it through anything. Going to Fort Scott was a GREAT decision for me.” - Jeremiah Fleming (2016 Graduate- KJCCC Second Team AllConference- Ranked 20th All Scoring- Lead nation in made three pointers made)

“The benefits from being a part of the team and program at The Fort could be anything from the teaching lessons on the court to how we were to represent ourselves and the program in the classroom. We weren't just there to play basketball we were there to grow as young men. If I hadn't trusted the program and the rules that were set I wouldn't have a degree right now and wouldn't be playing ball at the level I am. The benefits from being around Coach Cook don't just stop after graduation, they mold us into the men we want to be seen as and how we carry ourselves.”- Devin Knight- (2014 Graduate- Member of 2014 Conference and Region 6 Championship Team) “Attending Fort Scott Community College was one of the best choices I've made. I improved on the court as well as in the classroom. Coach Cook helped me in real life situations that we all face being away from home and to not what we're accustomed to in our everyday lives until this point. On the court, I learned how to be tough and fight through fatigue and he pushed me well beyond my limit and to never give up when the going gets tough, which is why I'm a professional basketball player today. Fort Scott has prepared me for life because when we fall 7 times you got to get up 8. I thank Coach Cook for preparing me for life and how to take on situations day by day.”- James Fleming (2013 Graduate- KJCCC Second Team All-ConferenceRegion 6 Second Team- Ranked 21 in All Time Scoring)

“Fort Scott was a great experience for me, being there showed me how to be a better man in life and also let me know it’s okay to trust some people and let new people in my life. Growing up as a kid I didn’t have the best childhood, so as I grew up everything that was happening in my life made me have a cold heart and not trust or open up to people. A lot of people told me that I wouldn’t be anything, I have had coaches feel I wasn’t good enough to play an took some of my confidence as a young basketball playing and it hurt when I was told those things but I stayed focused and worked my way up. Fort Scott showed me different, the town is loving and supporting and it’s not all about basketball, they not only help you get the confidence you need but they want to see us succeed as young men so I’m very thankful that God lead me to Fort Scott I will definitely miss playing as a Greyhound.”- John Montgomery (member of 2018 basketball team-Team Captain- KJCCC Second Team All-Conference- Region 6 Second Team)

“Coming to Fort Scott has helped me buckle down and focus on school and basketball. It is a small town with nothing to do so I can make the most out of the time I have to study or get some shots up. Fort Scott basketball program has helped me grow to be a leader on and off the court from coach giving me everyday situations in film/study hall to stepping up in crunch time with a minute to go in Arnold arena. I am grateful Coach Cook and Fort Scott gave me this opportunity to come here and succeed.” -Tyler Zinn (2018 Graduate- KJCCC First Team All-ConferenceRegion 6 First Team-ranked third on all-time scoring- ranked 11th in rebounds and 5th in assist)

Playing for Coach Cook, Changed my Life forever. I was just a regular player that came off the bench the first half of the Season, and Coach brought me in his office and told me, "I'm as Good as I Make myself" I asked him what he mean by that, "He told me I'm not working hard enough and that I had potential to play for a lifetime" and I laughed at him, and walked out, and by that next game I went and asked him if he really thought that.. and he smiled like I Did towards him.... and after that I put extra Work in & from that day I've been All Time Leader in Assist in FSCC history, & All American, First Team All-Conference for the rest of my college Career & went to Play First League and super league in Mongolia and Now I'm in Europe playing still till this day... thank you for everything Coach Cook... Love you forever Man!!!!”- Kevin House Jr. (First Team All-Conference and All-Region- All Time Assist Leader- Sixth on All- time Scoring list- thirteen on All- time Rebounding list-member of 2014 KJCCC Conference and Region 6 Championship Team)

“Attending Fort Scott Community College helped me with becoming a better individual in the classroom. I became a smarter and more mature student. I expanded my comfort zone, collaborating and getting to know individuals who I usually wouldn't surround myself with. Being on the FSCC basketball team further taught me the importance of teamwork and becoming a family. The lessons learned under the guidance of Coach Cook go beyond the sport of basketball. Fort Scott made me a winner on the court, also a winner in life.”- Donnie Flowers

“Going to Fort Scott and playing for Coach Cook was beneficial to me because I’m an undersized guard and Coach Cook doesn’t see height. If you can play basketball height does not matter to him. Another benefit of playing at Fort Scott is it made me mentally stronger. People are going to talk down on you and always criticize you but it is your job to block out that noise and that’s something I learned playing for Coach Cook. It was also beneficial being in a smaller community where everyone knows everyone, In Fort Scott you get the support of the whole town and that was a huge blessing. Aside from being on the court going to school at Fort Scott was beneficial to me because all of the staff and teachers are familiar with who you are and are willing to help you whenever in need.”-George Brocato-(starting point guard- Deans Honor roll- signed with D2 Kansas Newman University)